Saturday, 31 January 2015

Day 30 - Egg(s)

Ok so it was supposed to be singular, but after the orange was sooo lonely the other day, I thought the egg deserved some company.


  1. Yes, better with a few when so high in the corner. I also believe you may have a very bright monitor and do not see that the bit you painted white is visible to the naked eye on a calibrated monitor. When editing something like this, it's always good to do an exposure adjustment and pull up the gamma to see if the white is actually clear. Here your background has a lot of blue and we can see a few large brush stroke swirling through it. This is not your fault; almost everyone's monitors are too bright -- but those of us that print at home, (need to keep our monitors calibrated otherwise our photos come out dark and muddy..) can clearly see this. Using the adjustment layer on top, you can fix any problems and then throw the adjustment layer away. If you wish to clear it and repost, feel free to delete my comment.

  2. Looks eggsactly like an egg-de-lis. :)

  3. Looks to me like a flower of eggs, but do you guys really stamp each and every egg? I am sure the hen doesn't put it there.

  4. I wish you had turned that egg over so that we couldn't see the stamp as I find it a bit of a distraction and the composition is otherwise so simple, giving equal importance to all three eggs. The stamp kind of breaks that paradigm which I think is a pity.
    Like Eury, I am also bothered by the blue in the top corner that so very quickly disappears to pure white for the rest of the frame. Perhaps if it was a bit more graduated it could be a bit more believable.
    I really like that very high corner composition.