Thursday, 1 January 2015

Day 1- popcorn

A New Year and another 30 Day Challenge.
I never got very far with the last one so I'm hopeful that I can go the distance with this month's challenge.

Day 1 - Popcorn

You don't realise how hard it is to find popcorn on New Year's Day...


  1. Oooh, nice! Love the shininess on that red and the reflection works very well too. A great product shot and a wonderful shot to start your challenge.
    (Did someone get the new popcorn maker for Christmas?)

  2. Our stores are all open today! :) Nice job though - red and black always play off each other so well. Also, thanks for the terrific title of our list of assignments - I've appropriated it on my posting niche.

  3. The red and black look fantastic. Great shot! As for finding popcorn on New Year's Day? Well, I had a pack but overheated it and singed some of the popcorn. They were not nice and fluffy like everyone else, but nothing here is open today. Again such a great shot and Happy New Year's! Eury

  4. Very classy and traditional popcorn shot.
    All our supermarkets were open New Years Day (they were only closed for Christmas day) and there is one just across the road or I would have been stuck at the start :-)

  5. Nice eye catching start. Gee I thought everyone would have a pack or two in the cupboard. My cupboards are nearly bare, but I did have this (although it was microwaveable not traditional).

  6. All these popcorn pictures have made me check the cupboard to see if I have any for this evening. Looks like a trip to the shops is in order...
    Very precise nice shot.

  7. Very elegant popcornmachine, shot in a very elegant way.