Thursday, 22 January 2015

Day 22 - Shell

It would be shellfish of me not to include a pun today. I once went to a fancy dress party carrying a girl on my back. When people asked what I had come as, I replied "a tortoise." and pointing to the girl I was carrying "...this is Michelle".

Sorry - feel free to groan

So today I have a shell - not sure what it's called though. It originally came from Africa when my wife was a wee lass and lived out there.

I went for the underwater type look with it.

Funny how the pattern on it makes it look out of focus.


  1. Oh, but we can see the the sand beneath all around is in focus, so the shell is too. I was going to ask if Michelle was underwater but I see you have played with it to make it look that way, and it really does. I love the pun... I know I am supposed to groan, but I laughed! :-D eury

  2. I love the joke, and the punny statement. Looks like a cowrie shell, and they have gorgeous patterns on them! Definitely looks underwater with that color shift!

  3. You had me fooled ... It certainly has an 'underwater type look'. Nicely done.

  4. I certainly thought it was underwater, so you succeeded magnificently. Well done. The central composition is perhaps a bit 'documentary', but the shell is gorgeous!

  5. For your underwater effect, we are only missing the bubble coming up :) It truly does look under water.