Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Day 14 - Old Peculiar

Just some beer

(and yes I know about the awkward shadow at the back )
(and the lack of backlighting, but that was intentional to give it a dark feel...honest)


  1. What awkward shadow? I think it's cool. I think a bit of white card to the left to match the right would really have rimlit it well to give more definition to the left side, or is that the shadow you are talking about?
    Nice product shot.

  2. No matter the lighting anomalies, you have the label clear and glare free! Interesting product. Why do they misspell peculiar? Or is Peculier not peculiar? ;) In all, a nice shot!

  3. Only thing more I would have liked to have seen... condensation from having been chilled! Nice job regardless.

  4. Nice subject ... brings back memories from many years ago :) Thanks for this selection!