Friday, 2 January 2015

Day 2 - Rust

Why did I shoot this? Because I CAN :)

cough...sorry... I can't control the puns sometimes.


  1. I love your puns, feared you might skip them this month.
    The earthy backdrop matches the rust so well.

  2. reminds me of an old song: I think it's going to rain today.

    Lonely, lonely.
    Tin can at my feet,
    I think I'll kick it down the street.
    That's the way to treat a friend

  3. Ack, and I thought Maggie was a friend.... ;) LOL
    Simple composition, but the lighting raises it and gives it real depth and ambience.

  4. It may be just a rusty tin can, but you have transformed it into a heroic tin can that is ready to roll,,,

  5. Beautiful earthy tones for a lonely little tin-can. And you are very punny, as always! Great job on the photo.

  6. I love this one. It looks so simple, but with awesome colour combinations. Great find! (Assuming you don't keep a rusty tin around for these occasions ;-) )

  7. Great shot showing a smitten of rust, just hope the beans are still edible.
    Nice composition and lighting.

  8. I can see you scurrying about, trying to find the lonely can... that is unless he was a plant??? Nice job with a truly natural look :)