Thursday, 10 February 2011

Day 27


I thought I'd give this HDR thing a spin. I did it manually (not with HDR software) and just played about with layer modes and stuff to get it to where I thought was pretty natural. There's so much over-HDR'd stuff around. It isn't wow factor I've gone for, but realism.

Nearly there folks! Only a few more days to go!


  1. Unfortunately HDR really does require more than one exposure at different exposure values to make sure that the general lighting on all parts of the scene is the same. Yes, HDR can be horribly overdone, but if done well, can also yield great results. I find the dark parts of your church that are in shadow are a little to dark and although you lightened up parts of it, it's probably not quite enough to be a convincing HDR shot. I do like the overall composition of the shot though, and the bright headstones against the dark church are very effective.

  2. I don't really know much about HDR so won't comment on that part but the church is nice and I like the way the sun has made the grass yellow which complements that beautiful blue sky.

  3. This is a nice composition but for an hdr, some areas need to be lightened up. I don't mean to the point of looking gimmicky (I'm so over most hdr's it's not funny) but the idea behind it is to see everything in perfect exposure. If you have parts that are in deep shadow, they are obviously under-exposed. I am glad though to not see weird gray skies and horrible halos around the building as we often see, where it looks like everything has been nuked and is glowing.

  4. The sky makes it look more like a velvia action/preset than a hdr bu the image itself is pretty.

  5. Looks pretty good for a pseudo HDR without software help...good try