Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Day 24

Central Composition

I nearly decided to use this for the partial colour shot after rediscovering this lovely piece of slate (it originally came with a cheese and biscuit selection on it), but I liked this shot out of all the ones I took. I know, I know, it's hard to believe but I do sometimes take more than one shot


  1. I do like the lighting, and of course the resulting texture on both the slate and you beautiful fruit

  2. You have to take more than one shot? They may take away your graduation cap. Seriously, I don't know how film photographers did it. I throw away hundreds! Now, on to business. This is a stunning shot, lovely light and shadow, great contrast between the orange and black, both in color and texture. I particularly like how the stem sits smack dab in the center of the central composition. Bravo.

  3. Gorgeous colour and graduation of light and shade. The diagonal texture of the slate contrasts well with the very cetral composition of the orange and the orange navel. Very effective. Well done!

  4. The textures of both the fruit and the background give this a very classic feeling.

  5. This is a beautiful shot. I would definitely put this in a frame and put it in my kitchen/dining area. It is gorgeous. I love orange to start with, it's such a strong yet happy color and mixed with black just is so elegant and beautiful. I love the texture of the slate (now I want black slate too) and the diagonal direction you chose to place it and the slight luster of its surface.

    The texture of the orange and it's sheen looks great on the background and the light is amazing.

    The central composition not only works well, but you end up with a circle (the orange) a square (the frame) and a diagonal (the slate). I am so pleased you made a band of orange as a recall of the orange. It is not too big and doesn't take away, it truly brings our eye back to that beautiful orange.

    Everything is perfect. Did I mention how much I liked this?

    Congratulations, extremely well done!

  6. What a fantastic piece of slate. Definitely something every photographer should have. I especially like the way you placed it so the grain flows diagonally. The lighting is awesome too. Great stuff.

  7. I love the texture of your background and there is a subtle hint of blue in the slate which also gives you some complementary contrast. Very nice!