Saturday, 5 February 2011

Day 22

Facial Expressions

What do you see?


  1. I have to say that is really nice b&w work. I can see all the detail in everything. the textures, the little freckles on the face. Excellent work.

    What do I see, I see a guy at the door saying: I'm freezing, Let me in!! ;-)

  2. Nice tones in this. I see someone who relates to how much I envy some of the challengers whose photos are taken somewhere warm!

  3. Fantastic B&W work and those eyes are very expressive. He looks like he is pleading. Help, or let me in. Can you, please?!?!
    The cool colour in your border really does enhance the coldness of him, although I am usually not a fan of coloured borders on B&W shots. This one works well though.

  4. To me it says, "What? This is Dallas! It's supposed to be WARM for the SuperBowl!"

    Love the composition and the expression.

  5. The black and white works well. I reckon he's saying something along the lines of "hurry up and open the door" although probably not quite so politely.

  6. Nice expression :) with very little face.