Tuesday, 1 April 2014

New 30 Day challenge

Today is the start of another 30 day challenge.
My theme (at the moment) is Shapes. I may try for Squares for the first week followed by different shapes each week. I hope to have an alternate set of portraits if I have the time/models.


  1. Good luck with trying two challenge themes. I have tried it three times and only managed to do it properly once. However, it is a very satisfactory thing, and if you don't get to do the second one absolutely every day, it's still worth doing, cos you will get great pictures out of it, no matter how much you can do! Go for it and good luck!

  2. I'm sorry for being so late to comment, but life got in the way. Trying to catch up to everyone today.

    I'm sorry but this day 1 I don't see any image, perhaps it's just an april fools joke and you are not really doing this challenge? ;-D