Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Day 30 - Back whence we came

Chopping Board - The Return of the Rings
Ok, well they never actually visited in the first place. The chopping board did, but the title wasn't half as catchy, neither was The Return of the Dough Cutters


  1. How nice that you have come full circle (or square!). I'm liking the grungy feel of this one with all the cutting marks and what looks to be well sued cutters. Congratulations on finishing the 30 days, it was a pleasure to come and visit your entries.

  2. This is GREAT, my favourite. It's 'rough' which makes it impressive with the shades of the wood and the textures . A wonderful finale.
    Congratulations on finishing the marathon with such an interesting and varied theme.

  3. The Board of the Rings?
    This one has great even soft lighting and lovely texture. And I like the way the rings sit so far into the lower corner making for a very interesting composition. Excellent to come back to the beginning so well.

    And very well done on completing all thirty days in such style. Great job!

  4. Ha! Very catchy indeed :). Congratulations on completing the challenge! A Morp is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to ;)