Friday, 18 April 2014

Day 18 - Rusty

Remember my piggy planter? Well this is the end (the bottom) that I cut off to make the planter. It's supposed to be a flower type thing, and the rust looks lovely when lit by the late afternoon sun.


  1. Before I read your comment, mine was going to be, Goodness, that rust looks lovely when lit by the afternoon sun, but now that's just going to sound stale, and, well, copied! Drat.

    OK, let me say that those warm colours look simply gorgeous as they have been shot at such a golden time of the day! Well done. Loving the central and square composition too.

  2. This really appeals to me because I think rust is always interesting but with the evening light, it comes alive. Great capture. Also, as Kim said, the circle tightly within a square is really works.