Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Day 4 - Lucy

Afraid it was another quick one tonight - lack of time!. My own critique is that the 'hidden' eye is too dark and her hair wasn't styled or anything (she wouldn't go and wash it for me - tsk...kids today eh?)

This 30dc is gonna be harder than it sounded, but that's probably what I need :D


  1. Still a great pic of a teenage girl and that is not an easy thing to do. I have four girls.

  2. She is not giving you the exasperated look of "I have better things to do" yet. I agree you could have a little more light on the far eye, but she looks fine, it isn't a glamour shot.


  3. Is Lucy your daughter? I'm not sure because there is no resemblance, at all, what-so-ever :P

    She is a beautiful young lady!

  4. She looks relaxed enough to patiently sit for you.
    A classic passportportrait before they changed the rules.

  5. I never would have noticed anything amiss with the hair, but I agree with you about the dark eye. A tiny bit of reflection under that fringe would have really perked this up!