Monday, 29 August 2011

Day 17

Hurrah back to properly lit and shot photos (right?)

So here's my story for the last few days. My family and I went camping (with a bit if mountain biking thrown in) and I thought I'd be able to get a wifi hotspot somewhere nearby. Of course, I couldn't. My sister( who was with us) has an iphone and I'd taken my laptop but could we get photos from the laptop to the iphone? Could we heck! (Bloody Apple!) So I had to take some snaps on her iphone and email them to my blog just to keep me in the challenge, hence the limited text for the last few days. I have only my fat fingers to blame for that. So sorry for the lack of service and hopefully somewhere close to normal service should have been resumed

Grungy feel

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  1. Perhaps just a little dark overall. A bit more light and some contrast to get some contours into her would have worked a treat. The grungy expression and hair work very well though.