Sunday, 7 September 2014

Day 7 - A bit of Blond Witch

Before you ask, no, Mrs T isn't blond and she's a lovely lady :D
This is a local ale, one of a few that I quaffed last night at a murder mystery evening that we hosted.


  1. I haven't tasted that but according to the description on the label, it sounds yummy. I'm quite curious about what murder mystery sessions are all about. Is there information online that I can check out?

    1. We've done a few over the years, but here's a link to a recent one

      They are great fun. You can buy and download them too, but you don't get the dvd to play along.

  2. Her look makes her probably match a mysterygame very well.

  3. What fun that you hosted a murder mystery. Geez, I wish I lived around there, I would love to visit you and your wife; you seem like such fun people! And although this is not your best image, the label is definitely bewitching! :-) Eurydice